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What We Do

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Messaging and Positioning

Media Relations

We get to know you and your organization, learn your story, understand what’s different and the audiences you want to reach. Then we work closely with you and your organization to create a position and messages that is both aspirational and defendable.

Volume doesn’t matter anymore, it’s all about impact. Whether it be a hit in the Technorati, the Wall Street Journal or an obscure, massively influential trade outlet. That’s our philosophy, increase awareness and persuade influencers.

Social Media 

Reach key communities directly using great earned and owned content via the correct platform(s) at precisely the right time.

Marketing Communications

We work with you to create and deploy communications campaigns that are designed specifically to inform and engage key internal and external audiences.

Creative Services 

We collaborate with a select group of talented, inspired creatives, who skillfully bring color, definition, emotion and movement to your story.

Integrated Campaigns 

The Second Row has been at the forefront of creating, deploying and maximizing integrated campaigns that leverage everything we do well to educate, excite and impress.